Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is a loan provided by a private person or entity, not a traditional lender.

People usually go to this form of financing because they can’t get a loan from a regular lender.

Hard money can have several advantages:

-speed in making a loan decision

-able to lend in unusual circumstances

These loans usually come at a higher interest rate, usually much higher.

These loans can often be temporary loans until someone can switch over to a different loan.

These types of loans can be used for:

-construction loans

-just land

-cash out refinances

-bridge loans

Construction loans are not done by many lenders who do mortgages. It is a specialized area of finance.

Construction loans can include pre-start loans, spec builder loans, manufactured homes, and renovation projects.

Land loans include rural properties, large land properties, development land. Many mortgage lenders will not lend on houses that are situated on unusually large plots of land. Rural properties that are manufactured homes that are attached to the land are often not considered single family residences by many lender guidelines.

Cash out refinances are done in circumstances where getting a traditional refinance can take too long or it not an option. Hard money lenders will usually lend on the basis of collateral and not credit. A person with bad credit and lots of equity can turn to this option. This type of refinance can also be done on rental properties where many lender guidelines are stricter than they are on primary residences.

Bridge loans are temporary loans that will be repaid quickly. They are usually for a much higher rate but are paid off quickly, usually with the proceeds of a newer loan.

Hard Money Loans Help Avoid Bankruptcy

When being bogged down by a mountain of unpaid debt, it can oftentimes feel as if bankruptcy is the final and only available option to regain your financial security. But many people are reckless in filing bankruptcy, taking it as an easy way out. Bankruptcy is a serious action, the results of which can stay attached to your credit file for an entire ten years in some cases, haunting you as you attempt to get the loans that you need, rent an apartment, buy a house, or even obtain insurance at a reasonable rate.

And since more and more potential employers now check the credit record of their prospective employees, a bankruptcy notation on your credit file can even lower your chances of getting the dream job that you have been working so hard for. For this plethora of good reasons, smart borrowers are turning to consolidation of their debts via private party loans in lieu of the drastic measures of bankruptcy.

What Are Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans are loans that are made using the funds of private lenders, and many borrowers are having an easier and more hassle free time securing loans for consolidation of unpaid debt than other more traditional options. Being approved for this type of loan is easier than traditional loan products because approval is based more upon assets than on credit history.

Private lenders are not held to the strict lending and underwriting practices that govern bank lending, and this allows them the freedom to loan money to a greater number of borrowers, even those with bad credit.

Advantages Of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans can allow you some relief from your debt much faster than a conventional loan can. Although every borrower is different, those borrowers who take advantage of these loans can find themselves free of debt with a few years; traditional debt consolidation can take a decade or longer. This is due in large part to the deflated rate of interest that is found in hard money lending, which puts your debt at a more manageable level and allows you to pay more of the total principle that is owed on your debt each month.

Hard money loans are better for your credit than bankruptcy, obviously, but perhaps even better than loan consolidation with a typical lender. Why, you may ask? Simply put, many of the debt consolidation companies out there only worsen the situation that borrowers are facing. Hard money loans allow you to build positive payment history by actually paying off the debt you owe faster, without falling behind.

Before you take a hard look at bankruptcy, consider a hard money loan. Bankruptcy can leave a stigma on your credit record that takes a big part of your lifetime to overcome. Bankruptcy demonstrates in one of the harshest ways possible that you are more than willing to walk away from your debt, and your responsibilities. Hard money loans can give you freedom over your finances once and for all, while avoiding bankruptcy.

Commercial Hard Money Loan – An Honest Review

A Commercial Hard Money Loan isn’t for everyone. But it could be a viable solution for someone that can’t get an everyday traditional Real Estate Loan. Of course with this type of loan Real Estate is always the collateral, with no exceptions. If for some reason the buyer defaults on the payments, the bank can repossess the property in due course of course, no pun intended.

The basic inference of the various types of Commercial Loans can also be defined as Sub-Prime Lending, Near Prime, B-Paper or Second Chance lending options.

So seriously would someone take out a Commercial Hard Money Loan verses a standard Commercial Loan? It’s because there are determining factors such as Slight Credit Score, Enterprise Stability, proven absolute Income Level that would curb someone from getting traditional money financing or custom rates, so the defaulter in these cases will compromise for what they can get.

Some companies have a lowest amount they will lend you when helping you get a Commercial Hard Money Loan. The companies we have researched start out at $300,000 and go up into the millions for Commercial Real Estate Properties.

There are also what they call Mezzanine Loans which is a loan that’s paid back behind the sale or refinance of the Commercial Property. It’s possible for a lender to secure a portion of the proceeds upon sale of the Hard Loan debt. These loans tend to have suitable structures such as good debt and equity ratios.

There’s also a Financial Loan called a Hard Money Bridge Loan. These types of Money Financing solutions are usually temporary until a more permanent solution comes into play. These are used when time is of the essence, when a business move needs to be made quickly to acquire a property. There are no upper limits on this type of loan, and the qualification requirements usually remain the same.

There are also Hard Money Construction Loans, which is another distinctive Money Financing option that can be applied to for limited home projects to larger Commercial Property projects such as the development of a strip mall or tract home development project. In most cases for construction projects there is a reserve account setup to make sure that money is allocated properly as the project keeps moving forward.

A Commercial Hard Money Loan is typically used in both Urban & Suburban areas. The current Prime Rates are from 11 – 16% verses the 6-7% for a standard loan. Usually all associated Points & Fees are included in the loan and payments from these are dispursed upon closing the loan. Also note these are Short Term Real Estate Loans that are usually given from 1-3 years.

It is always comforting to know that there is big money available to you when you need it in the form of a Commercial Hard Money Loan. This article went over the main types of loans and how they can benefit you. However beware of the common Predatory Lenders that lurk in this industry. Expect to pay 11-17% for a Real Estate Loan like this. If you are asked to pay anymore more, imho you are being taken to the cleaners. So before you jump into anything like this, just do your research and you should come out okay.